Metallized and Lensed Fiber
Hermetic Metallized Ribbon Fiber

End-Strippend, Mid-Span Metallized Ribbon Fiber
Highly Reliable Metal Coating & Soldering
Excellent Adhesion, N0-Flake Guarantee
Low Cost, High Volumes

Optic Fiber Type Ribbon & Single Fiber
Strip Position Any Location
Strip Length ~60mm
Plating E' less Plating Ni 2~3 micron, Au 0.2~0.4 micron
Tensile Strength 400Kpsi
Hermeticity < 1 x

VOA. MEMS Devices
Arrayed LD, PD Modules
AWG and PLC Devices
Fiber Grating and Optical Fiber Sensers
Optical Amplifier Module
Photonic Hermetic Packaging with Various Devices etc.

Metal Sleeve